Zero House

completely self-sufficient, extremely comfortable.

Type of construction: Prefabricated

Gross building area: 60,4 m²

Architecture and expertise:  Specht Harpman | architecture office

ZeroHouse is a prefabricated building that can be easily transported and quickly assembled. What distinguishes this house is its ability to function independently from any external connections. It can present different configurations and uses, such as residential use in temporary or remote locations, ecologically sensitive locations or units for ecotourism.

ZeroHouse was designed for comfort and efficiency. Upstairs is a covered deck for outdoor living. The interior is climate-controlled by high efficiency air-conditioning and heating systems. The walls, roof and floor are insulated, reaching a high thermal resistance. The windows are made with low-e heat-mirror glass. The interior finishes are designed for aesthetics and durability, with natural and ecological materials. All house functions are monitored by a set of sensors that can be controlled from any personal computer.

This house can be deployed anywhere. After the transportation of the components to the site, it can be built in less than a day. It can be installed in locations incompatible with standard construction, including water depths of up to three meters, or slopes of up to thirty-five degrees.

Through the use of solar panels and a battery pack, it produces and stores energy, so that the house can be energy-independent. The rainwater is collected and stored in an elevated cistern, ensuring the supply of all fixtures by gravity. A digester unit converts all organic waste into clean, dry compost.

The house is held to the ground by four points, using an anchor system foundation, requiring no excavation and reducing ground intervention to a minimum. It is especially suitable for ecologically sensitive sites or where permanent structural elements are not allowed.

The ZeroHouse requires little maintenance. The exterior is clad with wear resistant panels. The structure’s steel components have anticorrosive finishing.  Solar hot water and photovoltaic panels and other devices are rated for indefinite use without efficiency loss due to continuous exposure.

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