Wicanders places nature at the starting point for a better future, investigating and creating coating solutions that provide a better quality of life while preserving the environment. Wicanders products have cork as their essence. A natural product that regenerates itself – cork oak bark – stripped without ever damaging or cutting the tree, in a manual and ancestral process.


Resist Eco is a cork-based flooring, free from PVC. Available in a wide range of realistic wood looks, it was designed to meet the needs of our day-to-day, whether in residential or commercial environments, thanks to its strength. The top layer of cork gives the product unparalleled comfort, while reducing the noise of footsteps. The perfect combination of wood beauty and performance, comfort and ease of maintenance.


Cork-based floating flooring, which can be used in residential or commercial areas. Dimension: 1220 x 185 x 10.5mm.

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