Thermal insulation system, based on insulating sheets of expanded cork agglomerate, 100% natural and recyclable, and lime mortars. The sustainability contribution is verified by the high environmental performance of cork insulation.


  • Thermal conductivity of the insulator (W / mºC) = 0.040 (manufacturer’s technical chart);
  • Emission of contributors to global warming (kg CO2 equiv./m2) = 2.96 (DAP 001: 2016);
  • Resistance to water vapor diffusion (thickness of air diffusion equivalence , in m) = 0.06 (ETA 15/0085);
  • Systems‘ reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) = B – s1, d0 (ETA 15/0085).


Exterior thermal insulating coating for facades. Indicated for functional rehabilitation (impermeability, cracking and aesthetics) and improvement of thermal insulation. Application on new substrates with a flat surface, such as concrete and cement plaster, as well as wooden panels of the OSB type. Rehabilitation of old lime plaster, painted or ceramic.

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