Tubular daylighting device (solarspot). Captures the sunlight from the outside through a highly transparent dome, usually installed over a flashing applied on the roof.

It is equipped with an optical device that redirects the sunlight into the interior of the super-reflective circular tube, which transmits to a surface located on the opposite position of the capturer. This phenomenon is also verified on cloudy or rainy days, whether it is summer or winter.

The super-reflective circular tube has the ability to “transport” the light for several meters. Thus, allowing to illuminate areas without any contact with the outside, significantly saving energy.

1 | gypsum board
2 | cork agglomerate insulation
3 | concrete structure
4 | rainproof, breathable membrane
5 | batten nailed to the structure through the insulation
6 | tubular daylighting device (Solaprspot)
7 | hollow brick masonry
8 | ceramic tile



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