The Portaro® Security door RC2 EI45 AC45dB is a solution that responds to the current concerns of the prescribers regarding sustainability, energy savings and insulation of buildings, and underlies the importance of incorporation in the most diverse projects of entrance doors with reduced heat transfer coefficient. This solution, which ensures high efficiency in the spaces, is also available with FSC® certification, an entity that ensures that the raw materials come from forests managed in a responsible manner.


This high-end multi-performance technical solution that integrates door, frame and accessories, guarantees, in a single product, resistance to intrusion, excellent thermal insulation (UD: 1,17 W/m2.ºC), a high level of fire resistance (45 minutes) and acoustic insulation (45dB).


Available in a variety of designs and finishes, such as natural wood veneer, decorative or lacquered wood, this solution is suitable for apartments, offices or other areas that require a high level of security.


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