The Portal of Sustainable Construction’s (PSC) main goal is to promote quality in the construction business by providing information on the implementation of measures to reduce the consumption of resources, such as energy and water. The information collected and disseminated by PSC is based on good practices, research, related legislation, news and agenda of events relevant to the area and mainly through the dissemination of companies that sell products and/or services for the construction and rehabilitation of buildings. This is where we count on our partners!

Advantages of being our partner:

  • online communication on our portal – PSC, social networks and newsletters
  • possibility of being included in our app My EcoBuild (IOS and Android)
  • possibility of being included in our physical publications (Ecoproducts Guide, Guide to Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings)
  • presence in fairs and other events related to the construction sector (worldwide)
  • seminars, conferences (in entities or under events), open classes in portuguese and spanish universities (for architects and engineers)
  • regular visits to architecture and design ateliers
  • “Sextas Sustentáveis” / “Sustainable Fridays” – marketing actions carried out at our partners’ facilities, with local training on their products and solutions, visits to works, production units, etc.
  • other initiatives defined with the partners that meet their interests and needs.

The PSC only discloses products and services considered as sustainable, that is, that bring economic, social and environmental gains. The PSC is an aggregating center of companies, listing their products (called “ecoproducts”) in a database intended for professionals of the sector and the general public and which can be consulted onlineor through the Ecoproducts Guide, which is regularly edited in several languages and distributed in events and construction fairs. This information aims to fill a gap in the market due to the lack of clustered and segmented databases on this subject in accessible language, easy to consult and available to any person or company.

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