Azor PLUS is at the top of float taps when it comes to saving water. Leaving exclusively from OLI laboratories, Azor PLUS is distinguished by its unique ability of delay opening, preventing water waste and saving. Silent (NF Class I), Azor PLUS, due to its high quality parameters, also stands out for being certified according to NF, KIWA, DVGW and UPC standards (lateral application).


Small in size, Azor PLUS is ideal for compact cisterns. With the possibility of side and bottom connection on the same tap, it is adjustable in height (in the lower version) and easy to install and adjust the discharge volumes. With a back pressure closing system (hydraulic), it is effective in any network pressure.


Azor Plus can be applied to any indoor and outdoor flushing cistern, the tap being chosen to equip several OLI reference products: the QR sanitary modules, the OLI120 Plus, OLI74 Plus and Expert Plus indoor flushing toilets and the Onix Plus outdoor flushing toilet.

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