The Cleaneo® effect is an air purification effect present in continuous and recordable Knauf acoustic ceilings, based on zeolite. This natural microporous rock is found in natural deposits and allows to reduce the concentration of pollutants in the air in closed spaces, even the most stable ones, such as benzene. In addition to this feature, Knauf acoustic ceilings offer great sound absorption, providing greater comfort for people.


Cleaneo® technology reduces…

  • Smells of carpets and mattresses (dodecene)
  • Smells of cooking (triethylamine)
  • Ammonia
  • Formaldehydes (paints, detergents)
  • Benzene (car gases, enamels)
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons (solvents, cleaning products).


It allows the design of continuous ceilings with high acoustic performance and improvement of ambient comfort, reducing the concentration of contaminants in the air. Depending on the choice of perforation type, the desired acoustic absorption characteristics are obtained.

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