Stork (Stone + Cork) seeks to mitigate one of the main problems in the natural stone sector: the excessive amount of waste resulting from the transformation processes. In this sense, our production method makes it possible to double the use of natural stone compared to a current solution in stone. The cork agglomerate used in the composition of Stork is a recycled by-product resulting from the production process of cork stoppers. Cork is a 100% natural and renewable raw material from the cork oak forest in Portugal.


Stork’s lightness, combined with its aesthetic value and dimensional versatility, promotes its integration in all types of furniture, bridging a gap that natural stone alone would not be able to fill. In partnership with Branca Lisboa, we launched a line of tables for various applications that values two of the most noble raw materials in our country through their integration into design pieces.


Stork can be applied to all types of tables, cabinets or decorative elements. Different types of finish are available, and cork can be used as an aesthetic element or hidden.


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