Stork (Stone + Cork) seeks to mitigate one of the main problems in the natural stone sector: the excessive amount of waste resulting from the transformation processes. In this sense, our production method makes it possible to double the use of natural stone compared to a current solution in stone. The cork agglomerate used in the composition of Stork is a recycled by-product resulting from the production process of cork stoppers. Cork is a 100% natural and renewable raw material from the cork oak forest in Portugal.


Stork’s ventilated facade solution stands out for its versatility, aesthetics and mechanical behavior. The natural beauty characteristic of the stone combined with its lightness and the thermal and acoustic insulation provided by the cork layer enhance the use of Stork as a facade element. The high mechanical and seismic resistance of Stork allows a substantial reduction of dimensional restrictions when choosing the stereotomy or pattern, being possible to use any type of natural stone and different surface finishes. The low weight of Stork panels allows a significant reduction in the quantity, weight and cost of the fixing system.


Suitable for any facade, ceiling or roof solution, this system allows a quick and easy installation, promoting a substantial saving of time and resources. The replacement or maintenance of any panel is possible in any area of the facade.


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