Stork Composites stands for the development and commercialization of sustainable cladding material that combines two of the most noble natural raw materials in our country, such as natural stone and cork. Thus, Stork (Stone + Cork) seeks to mitigate one of the main problems in the natural stone sector: the excessive amount of waste resulting from the transformation processes. In this sense, the production method adopted aims to double the use of natural stone compared to a current solution.

The cork agglomerate used in the composition of Stork is a recycled by-product resulting from the production process of cork stoppers. In turn, cork is a 100% natural and renewable raw material, from the cork oak forest in Portugal. Its integration, in addition to thermal and acoustic insulation, provides a reduction in own weight of more than 50%, allowing to work with very reduced stone thicknesses (5-10 mm).

The functional advantages of this material make Stork a unique product capable of several applications. At Stork Composites, from the definition of the factory floor to the establishment of production methods, we seek to optimize the workflow, the allocation of resources and the use and reuse of raw materials. Visit us and get to know us better!

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