The BWSL45 Evolution system, like the other BOAVISTA series, is made of pultruded fiberglass profiles. This composite material is characterized by its low ecological footprint: using reduced energy in its pultrusion process (heating to just 80ºC), it uses recycled glass in its composition. It also has a high performance, ensuring that buildings are thermally more efficient.


The BWSL45 Evolution System is BOAVISTA’s first minimalist sliding system. With a crossing profile of only 34 mm, it guarantees maximum performance with a minimum view of the frame. Being quite versatile, it can be built as bi-rail, tri-rail, etc., with the number of sheets you want.


The BWSL45 system makes it possible to manufacture medium to large size windows and sliding doors. Given the characteristics of the material they are made of, they can be used in demanding applications, such as construction by the sea, in aggressive and polluted environments or in areas of extreme temperatures. They are highly resistant to corrosion.



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