Wooden construction is a more sustainable form of construction, but it needs accessories to give it durability and resistance. The FRONT BAND UV 210 tape is a universal mono-adhesive tape, highly resistant to UV rays. It is REACH * compliant between product selection parameters and the production process. This way, it guarantees high quality standards in terms of health and environmental protection. The product is also suitable for the Passivhaus construction concept.


This tape is made with TRASPIR EVO UV 210 monolithic membrane which guarantees excellent aesthetic performance even in the most sophisticated architectural compositions.


Universal application on any wooden construction, in combination with TRASPIR EVO UV 210 membranes. Ensures homogeneity of the facade system and unlimited stability to the action of UV rays.

* REACH is a regulation approved by the EU with the aim of improving the protection of human and environmental health from the risks that may result from chemicals. This regulation also promotes alternative methods for assessing the hazards of substances considering the reduction in the number of tests on animals. The word REACH means Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. The regulation came into effect on 1 June 2007.

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