REABILITA CAL FORCE is a dry pre-dosed mortar, formulated from natural hydraulic lime for mechanical or manual application, intended for the realization of reinforced plasters and laying joints for the consolidation and rehabilitation of mechanically fragile masonry. It is intended for the structural stabilization of old elements such as structural walls, pillars, beams, vaults and arches. Its hydraulic properties guarantee the development of mechanical resistance over time, which guarantees an excellent preservation of the heritage. The absence of soluble salts in REABILITA CAL FORCE minimizes the occurrence of degradation phenomena associated with the formation of efflorescences.


It has particular properties of mechanical resistance, adhesion, chemical resistance and durability, particularly adapted to the function for which it is intended. Its composition based on natural hydraulic lime ensures total chemical and mechanical compatibility with old masonry, with optimized characteristics, such as the modulus of elasticity, permeability to water vapor or resistance to salts

  • Granulometry <4.0mm
  • Theoretical consumption of 14.5kg / m² / cm
  • Compressive strength> 14 N / mm²
  • Adhesion to brick and block ≥ 0.5 MPa / A and B
  • Modulus of elasticity: 12000 N / mm²


It is a product designed for application by projection. REABILITA CAL FORCE is used in the rendering of plasters with high permeability to water vapor and with high mechanical performance, indoors or outdoors, on stone, brick, tuff and mixed masonry, not subject to untreated ascension moisture. It makes it possible to carry out new plastering or reconstruction of existing ones in masonry with historical value, as well as ‘reinforced’ plasterwork with a mesh network of polymers reinforced with carbon fibers, or other, in mechanically fragile masonry. It is also possible to use it in ‘reinforced layers’ with polymers mesh reinforced with carbon fibers, in reinforcing vaults, making joints between stones, brick, tuft of masonry ‘in sight’ and laying joints.

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