REABILITA CAL AC is a dry mortar, formulated exclusively from natural hydraulic lime, intended for the execution of finishes with excellent vapor permeability, in solutions for renovation and rehabilitation of old coatings. It incorporates carefully selected siliceous and limestone aggregates and additions, offering particular properties of thixotropy, vapor permeability and durability particularly adapted for use in coatings rehabilitation systems.


Finishing layer solution, with thin thickness and fine sanded finish, for later painting, inside and outside. Available in Natural, White, Sand, Yellow, Yellow, Pink, Old Pink, Salmon, Brick, Blue, Dark Blue, Mint, Light Gray and Gray. Its granulometry is <1.0 mm, the theoretical consumption of 1.20 kg / m² / mm, with a Class CS II compression resistance, an adherence to the brick and block of ≥ 0.2 MPa / B, modulus of elasticity 1750-2250 N / mm2, density of 1200 ± 150 kg / m³, capillarity (24h) of ≥ 0.3 kg / m², permeability to water value ≤ μ 15, reaction to fire class A1 and a thermal conductivity of 0.45 W / (mK) (P = 50%).


REABILITA CAL AC is used as a finish in the conservation and rehabilitation of the building, namely for the recovery of the exterior cladding of facades of old buildings, which require high levels of water vapor permeability. REABILITA CAL AC is a thin plaster which allows obtaining a fine sanded finish on REABILITA CAL RB type replacement plasters, or on mortars for the treatment of rising damp and saltpeter, such as REABILITA CAL MP.

REABILITA CAL AC can also be used on old plasters, as long as they present adequate physical and mechanical conservation conditions.

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