Having begun in the business of structural ceramics, the Preceram Group, exclusively of national capital and friendly nature, comprises six separate production units in the centre of Portugal.

Housed in a business area particularly sensitive to the environment, mining and manufacturing industries, it became clear that to achieve the sustainability goals proposed they would have to act on several fronts: promoting environmental restoration of the areas already explored, betting on new and more advanced control methods, reducing the environmental impact and, essentially, developing differentiated products.

An example of this is the Preceram thermal and acoustic brick, distinguished from the traditional brick by its geometry and insulation properties, promoting thermal and acoustic comfort in buildings.

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Travasso – Apartado 31

3101-901 Pombal


☎️ : +351 236 210 160 / +351 236 107 902

? : +351 236 210 169

? : preceram@preceram.pt

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