This hybrid solar panel allows for a reduction on the consumption of gas, or other fuels, and electricity from the grid, hence also lowering the environmental impact (less emissions). It can occupy only 50% of the area of a separate thermal and photovoltaic panel installations and, for this type of installation, it has a shorter payback (return on investment).


It allows for the combined production of hot water and electricity. With nominal powers of 1,000Wt + 280Wel and 1,400Wt + 365Wel, it has an electrical efficiency of 19%, thermal efficiency of 70% and a combined efficiency of 89%. Regarding dimensions, there are two versions:

  • 650×995 (mm)
  • 970×995 (mm).

The photovoltaic cells are cooled by the water present in the system (radiator effect), making the electrical performance stable even with very high temperatures outside.

It also complies with the HE-4 (solar thermal energy) and HE-5 (photovoltaic solar energy) standards of the Código Técnico de la Edificación de España (CTE).


It can be installed on all buildings with thermal and electrical consumption, from housing to hotels, hospitals, factories, sport centers, among others.

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