Max Exterior panels are produced from natural fibers, which represent approximately 65% of the total weight. Mainly from processed wood to be converted into “craft paper”. This being a by-product from firewood or sawmills. We only buy these raw materials from certified suppliers.

Max Exterior panels do not contain organic halogen compounds (neither chlorine, fluorine nor bromine). They also do not contain asbestos or wood protection agents (fungicides, pesticides, etc.) or sulfur, mercury or cadmium.


These panels, Max Exterior, are high pressure laminated (HPL) in accordance with the standard EN 438-6, type EDF, with an extremely effective protection against the weather. The craft paper is impregnated with synthetic resins, dried and compressed at high pressure and at high temperatures to form durable and moisture resistant panels.


Max Exterior is a high quality construction product which is used especially for long-lasting façade coverings, such as ventilated facades, balcony guards, outdoor floors and outdoor furniture.

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