Innovation and sustainability are two of the OLI’s fundamental principles and that justify all the investment made for the preservation of natural resources such as water and electricity. The Hidroboost technology developed by OLI is the paradigmatic example of this strategic vision that aims now and in the future, a more sustainable world and environmentally friendly.

The use of Hidroboost technology dispenses the connection to the power grid or battery replacement because, to harness the energy of moving water, generates and stores its own energy that will then be used for the activation of the self-sufficient double discharge.

The Hidroboost technology can be integrated, for example, in the OLI74 Plus, an exceptional in-wall flush cistern that includes also another of OLI’s differentiated products, this one for saving water: the inlet valve Azor Plus, functioning with a delayed opening system that prevents the filling start of the tank while the discharge occurs, allowing that way saving up to 9 liters of water per day.

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