Innovation and sustainability are two of the fundamental principles of OLI and that justify all the investment made in favor of the preservation of natural resources, such as water. Today, water is a scarce resource that, in recent decades, has become an asset of extreme economic importance. Climate change has accentuated the phenomenon and its rational use has become a priority. In this sense, OLI products are designed and produced using the latest technologies and respecting all the most pressing environmental issues. The massification of Dual Discharge, the creation of the Hydroboost system and the Azor PLUS float tap, which with its delayed opening system, saves an average of 9 liters of water per day, are real examples of this concern felt and experienced at OLI.

We aim to be a benchmark in sustainability, to be an organization that challenges itself to continuously improve, so that our performance results in improving the quality of life of people and safeguarding the planet.

When we flush the toilet, we may be changing the world.

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