The award-winning Hydroboost technology is the perfect example of sustainability. Developed by OLI, the system starts with the first flush made by flushing the toilet, which allows, from that moment, to use the energy created by the movement of the water to generate energy that activates the next flushes. The use of this technology does not require connection to the power grid, making it self-sustainable.


The activation system in the toilets equipped with Hydroboost is a “no touch” activation one (no need to touch the control board), through capacitive sensors, which detect the approach of the human body, ensuring superior levels of hygiene.


Hydroboost is present in the OLI74 Plus and OLI120 Plus flushing cisterns, which are compatible with the excellent control panels: Tribe, Moon and Glassy. As an integral part of the OLI74 Plus interior flush, OLI’s Hydroboost self-sustaining technology also appears as a differentiating factor in OLI Sanitary Modules.


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