LEÐLUX combines creativity and differentiation to social and environmental responsibility. We offer a competitive advantage in creating LEРtechnology solutions, which correspond exactly to your lighting needs, taking into account the low heat dissipation, the low power consumption, the aesthetics, the functionality, the efficiency, the visual comfort, the right application and use.

The personalized support given by our sales team and the quality of the installation assured by our technical team guarantee a return on your investment in the short/medium term.

The satisfaction of our customers, the trust of our suppliers and the preference of our business partners, with whom we have established relationships for over 5 years, are fundamental for us.

The good energy is the one we save!



Av. Coronel Eduardo Galhardo, nº 2 – loja C
1170-105 Lisboa


☎️ : +351 217 647 915

 ?  : +351 965 654 743

Technical support: +351 210 179 148 (Sales Representative: Paulo Valente)

? : geral@ledlux.pt

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