Kerakoll thinks, designs and realizes innovative solutions oriented to the environment and to improve health and quality of life, through eco-compatible and naturally breathable building materials to prevent the main pathologies that result from indoor pollution. Its vision is to represent GreenBuilding as a new constructive philosophy with low environmental impact, to promote a better quality of living at a global level and to help people to live better. Kerakoll studied and patented for the first time a scientific methodology that allows the true measurability of “eco-sustainability in construction”: the GREENBUILDING RATING. It was created to provide the construction market with an instrument capable of guiding the construction of eco-compatible buildings, which contribute to a healthy and safe environment, reducing the environmental impact when they are used or destroyed. The GreenBuilding Rating takes into account 6 major sectors with environmental relevance:

  • recovery and recycling of natural minerals;
  • reduction of CO2 emissions in the air;
  • reduced use of substances harmful to health and the environment;
  • indoor air quality;
  • better energy efficiency;
  • end-of-life recycling;

With more than 1,700 eco-compatible references and a production of more than 950,000 ton./year, Kerakoll is the first producer of green materials to design, build and live with respect for the environment and housing well-being. Kerakoll invests 5.4% of its turnover in Green Technology and each solution is born out of in-depth scientific research in the field of health and well-being and is carried out combining technology and eco-compatibility, in a unique and inimitable GreenBuilding proposal.

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Núcleo Empresarial da Venda do Pinheiro – Bloco 2 – Fracção 97

2665-602 Venda do Pinheiro MFR


☎️ : 21 986 24 91


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