BIOCALCE® is a natural material that, thanks to its porosity and hygroscopicity, allows a continuous exchange of air and steam inside the wall, keeping the house healthy and in perfect balance. The quality of the natural hydraulic lime NHL 3.5 and natural pozzolana with a high amorphous content give these mortars a greater natural porosity than cement- based plasters, which acts as a true “hygrometric lung” in the masonry with a perfect balance between strengths and elasticity, making it perfectly compatible with masonry, although degraded, with advantages of habitability.


Although dehumidification systems have existedformorethan30years,therearenumerous limitations to solving the moisture problem by capillary absorption of masonry. These are caused by the poor breathability of the plaster, little resistance in the time to the disintegrating action of salts and also by the waterproofing effect of the preventive treatments of water tightness that cause the stagnation of water inside the masonry, with the consequent detachments, condensations, molds and bad odours.


Biocalce® is an eco-compatible plaster system to naturally dry any type of wet masonry. It is a natural dehumidifier that quickly extracts and removes all the moisture contained in the wall in the form of steam.



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