K1710 – Bio Plaster with ANAB and LEED certifications which take into account the most rigorous requirements of Bio Architecture and Sustainable Construction.Bio Plaster Eco compatible with old building supports and also for new constructions. Fassa Bortolo’s Bio Arquitetura line was the first in Europe to achieve the ANAB certification.


Traditional bio-plaster reinforced with fibers with pozzolanic action, based on pure aerial nano-lime, for interiors and exteriors. The combination of the nano-lime with the high purity of the raw materials used, explains the reduced tendency for the formation of efflorescences, which are more frequent in gray Portland cement-based materials, where the content of soluble salts can be quite high.


K 1710 is used as plaster on old and new masonry in stone, brick, adobe, etc. The plaster’s elasticity characteristics and the presence of fibers make it particularly suitable for mechanically weakened substrates, stone and / or brick masonry (restoration work in general).



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