ISOVIT REV SP is an aqueous silicate paint with excellent vapor permeability, based on potassium silicates, inorganic pigments and selected adjuvants. ISOVIT REV SP has a mineral mate aspect available in different colors, by catalog and on request.


ISOVIT REV SP is characterized by a high resistance to atmospheric agents and ultraviolet rays. Its high alkalinity prevents the formation of fungi and algae.

  • Pigmentation composition: 100% inorganic
  • Viscosity (at 23 ºC): 102 ± 5 KU
  • Density (at 23 ºC): 1,47 ± 0,03
  • Theoretical consumption: 8 to 10 m2 / l / coat
  • Thinner: Water
  • Permeability to liquid water: <0.1 kg / (m2.h0.5) – W3
  • Water vapor permeability:> 150 g / (m2.d); <0.14 m – V1
  • Gloss: Class G3 (matt)
  • Volatile organic compounds: EU limit value for this product (cat A / a): 75 g / l 2007; 30 g / l 2012. This product contains a maximum of 29 g / l.


ISOVIT REV SP is a mineral paint with high water vapor permeability, which hardens by reaction with the support, mineralizing (does not create a film). This paint is used to coat and protect substrates. ISOVIT REV SP is especially aimed at the rehabilitation of old coatings, giving an aspect similar to the old whitewashed finishes, with natural nuances of color.

ISOVIT REV SP is applicable on exterior and interior walls, on mineral-based supports, such as hydraulic supports (plasters and concrete), lime, plaster, among others. It must not be applied over metal, plastic, wood nor existing paints.


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