ISOVIT AD 25 is a 100% aqueous silicate primer. Its high alkalinity prevents the formation of fungi and algae. ISOVIT AD 25 has a matte, colorless, mineral appearance.


  • Colorless color
  • Number of coats: 1
  • Theoretical performance: 1 l / 12 to 14 m2 / coat
  • Thinner: Water
  • Volatile organic compounds (Directive 2004/42 / EC): EU limit value for this product: (cat A / g): 50 g / l 2007; 30 g / l 2012. This product contains a maximum of 29 g / l.


ISOVIT AD 25 is specially designed to promote adhesion between the substrate and the ISOVIT REV SP silicate paint, standardizing the paint absorption and reducing the risk of color staining problems in the final paint. ISOVIT AD 25 is applicable to exteriors and interiors on hydraulic-based supports, natural stone, engineered plaster, plasterboard and brick. It should not be applied on wood, plastic, metal nor recent paintings.

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