ISOFOR insulation is a foam produced from a specific urea resin and in compliance with European standards DIN 15100-1:2005. Specifically designed and formulated for the preparation of thermo-insulating foams for residential building, ISOFOR, unlike other similar products, does not release detectable amounts of irritating methanol nor contains any fire-retardant materials harmful to health.


Through a vapor diffusion process, ISOFOR allows the walls to breathe, ensuring the elimination of condensation that can be formed inside them and prevents its appearance on the inner surface. The end result is greater comfort, with significant savings in energy consumption for air conditioning and a perfect and stable thermal and acoustic insulation, whose durability is equal to the building itself.


ISOFOR is especially suitable for exterior walls without insulation, or as a complement to walls with traditional insulation, namely rock wool or polystyrene, and small perforations are enough to carry out its application.




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