In the manufacture of its laminate plaster boards Gyptec resorts only to ecologic raw materials and non-pollutant, environmentally and economically sustainable methods. Gytpec Iberica’s raw materials are recycled paper and FGD plaster, a by-product of Portuguese thermoelectric power stations, in this way avoiding the mineral exploration of plaster and contributing to the preservation of natural resources. The dry-construction system is a fast, clean, economic and environmentally sustainable method of modernizing buildings. Its application allows for a significant reduction of heating and cooling energy needs in buildings.


Gyptec’s plaster boards are able to adapt to any geometric configuration of inner spaces in buildings. We highlight its superficial hardness, higroscopicity and homogeneous texture. It is resistant, stable and non-flammable. Since it is a light material it can be handled by a single worker enabling lower expenditures with labour.


Inner partitions, inner covering of external walls, false ceilings, illumination moulds and other elements. For rehabilitation Gyptec offers insulated plaster boards such as GYOCORK, composed of laminated plaster and expanded cork agglomerate



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