GYPCORK is a response to the increasing demand for solutions that provide greater thermo-acoustic and energetic efficiency in new and existing buildings. It is a product with low incorporated energy that integrates a high percentage of by-products from other industries and renewable materials that contribute to a higher CO2 absorption.

GYPCORK board compiles two Portuguese products of excellence: GYPTEC’s plaster boards, produced at Figueira da Foz with ecologic raw materials and non- pollutant methods, and Amorim’s cork agglomerate, an excellent thermo-acoustic insulation and a result of a 100% natural and waste-free process.


GYPCORK boards are a multi-layered construction solution that allies the properties of cork (thermo-acoustic and anti-vibration insulation, high thermic inertia, unlimited lifespan, dimensional stability and good fire-resistance) to those of plaster boards (acoustic insulation, low thermal conductivity, humidity regulation, incombustible, effective fire barrier, durable and impact resistant).


Interior covering and insulation of walls and ceilings. Ideal for rehabilitation or as base solution in new projects, the recommended system depends on the condition of the wall or ceiling and the pretended insulation performance. GYPCORK boards may be directly glued or applied over an auxiliary metal structure



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