Aline Guerreiro, Architect, Master in Construction by Instituto Superior Técnico

Coordinator of the Portal of Sustainable Construction (PSC)

This guide was developed with the intention of filling a gap in acess to information among architectural offices and construction professionals around the world who wish to resort to more sustainable services and materials.

This project has also been conceived to serve as an information vehicle for the average consumers who want to build / rehabilitate their homes towards true sustainability, as the need to reduce resource consumption is an undeniable path.

The construction sector needs to disseminate information on more sustainable practices, reaching the largest number of people, in order to advance and respond to the need for a sustainable development.

Unaware of a sustainable products and services database that can be freely consulted anywhere in the world, the Portal of Sustainable Construction (PSC) decided to create and publish this guide, demanding the companies we represent constant innovation and credible information about the products and services they provide, as these are an integral part of the construction business. On the other hand, the form of evaluation and selection of materials remains poorly defined, in addition to the fact that the construction industry is not yet very focused on the sustainability of materials.

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