The concern with Environment and Sustainability is part of Granorte’s DNA. In fact, since the beginning of its activity, in 1972, the company is dedicated to the recycling of cork, adding value to the cork waste from the wine cork stoppers manufacturing industry. Having started as a cork granules producer, Granorte is now one of the leading companies in the production of sustainable coverings, developing environmentally responsible solutions that contribute to the conservation and protection of forests, supporting responsible practices for the conservation of biodiversity and the integrity of ecosystems.

Granorte’s cork products are produced from natural cork. Cork harvesting is done every nine years, without ever harming the tree in any way. After harvesting, a new layer of cork starts generating. This material is safe and hygienic, does not cause allergies and is very resistant to bacteria and fungi. The production of cork coverings does not use heavy metals compounds, PVC, plasticizers, formaldehyde or any other product dangerous to health or to the environment.

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GRANORTE – Revestimentos de Cortiça, Lda.

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