Device capable of converting wind kinetic energy into mechanic energy used to produce electric energy, with the use of generator. There are two types of turbines: horizontal axis turbine with the turbines on central horizontal axis; and vertical axis turbine where the propellers rotate on a central vertical axis. There are wind generators of several sizes, reaching 100 meters diameter, capable of reaching dozens of MW of power. When installed together in big areas they are capable of supplying entire cities with clean and renewable electric power. In small buildings, wind domestic systems can produce almost all the necessary energy and there are projects of buildings that foresee the instalation of incorporated wind generators, both on the vertical and horizontal axis. These systems can answer the needs of the building and also produce energy for the public power grid. Therefore it would be possible to make the building independent, at least self-sufficient in relation to the public power line, offsetting the consumption with self-production, according to the variation of demand in time.

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