Organized attempt to hide unpleasant facts, mainly in a political context.

Greenwashing is the same premise, but in an environmental context.

When an entity or organization consumes time and money in marketing actions to relate with good environmental practices instead of executing, in realiyt, business practices that minimize negative environmental impacts, we are facing lack of transparency, therefore a green bush Greenwashing!!!



The classical example can be that of a company that sells fossil fuels but that announces in its campaigns working in research development on renewable energies, but never abdicate of the energy with more negative environmental impacts;

Or the hotel chain that claims that has a green politic just because it doesn’t change the bedroom towels daily, but the backoffice truth is it does very little to save water or energy;

Or a that heavily consumes energy in its service buildings, but at a certain point, announces that will plant some trees to help diminish CO2 emissions, when in reality there is no control over the green initiative;

Or still an enterprise that assumes its good environmental practices by using recycled materials and giving environmental information about the products it sells, but builds its factory or megastore in a Natura zone or an Ecological Reserve;

And many other examples

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