Thank you very much for being with us !

We hope you feel, as we do, that this portal has contributed to a more sustainable future for the construction sector! Although this last year has undoubtedly been a peculiar year, we have adapted to new habits and new work processes in order to carry out our mission of spreading Architecture and Sustainable Construction.

The PCS was forced to replace its face-to-face actions with others that would ensure social distancing. It took creativity and a lot of work to overcome this challenge. But, the presence of all was indispensable. The participation of all in our actions helped us to make a difference and to remain as the portal about architecture and sustainable construction of reference in Portugal.

We have also been preparing new projects that we will develop in 2021, such as the Oil Free Notebook (CELP); the new Sustainable Value, or our ECOCASA. These will be the projects that will mark 2021 alongside the activities already known by all.

HAVE A HAPPY 2021 !!!

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