Greenwashing is when an entity or organization consumes time and money in marketing actions to relate itself to good environmental practices instead of execute, in reality, business practices that minimize negative environmental impacts. It’s like bleaching facts with a green brush, reason why it’s called Greenwashing.


The most classic example is the company that sells fossil energy and claims, in their advertising campaigns, to be working and conducting research on renewable energy, though never stop using energy that causes greater negative environmental impacts;

– Or the hotel chain that claims itself to be Green just because they don’t change the bedroom towels on a daily basis, when, in fact, the back office does very little to save water or energy;

Or the bank that consumes power disproportionately in their office buildings but, at some point, announces that will join some ENGO (environmental non-governmental organizations) and plant trees to help in the reduction of CO2 emissions, when in fact there is no control over the green initiative;

Or still that company that assumes itself for their good environmental practices, using recycled materials and facilitating environmental information on the product they sell, while deploys their factory(ies) or megastore(s) in a Natura zone or in an Ecological Reserve.

And many other examples…

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