• Excellent thermal insulation: 95% pure insulation. With a larger inner chamber surface, we were able to increase the insulation thickness “obtaining a high thermal resistance of the facade”.
  • Air tightness: the system incorporates airtight membranes and sealing tapes to prevent exfiltration and infiltrations. Up to 80% energy saving
  • Reduces transmittance
  • Absence of thermal bridges: the incorporation of the ventilated facade element allows to create a uniform insulation layer that eliminates the thermal bridges of slab or pillar fronts


  • First complete façade system with Passivhaus certificate
  • Increase of the interior area, up to 8% of the useful surface
  • Faster installation up to 27%
  • 100% Respectful to the environment
  • 100% dry technology
  • Total freedom in design
  • A+ certificate, IBR for indoor air quality.


  • Freedom of design and choice of finishes
  • Perfect as a rehabilitation system
  • High thermal and acoustic performance
  • Great response to earthquakes

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