This versatile watertight exhaust device can also function as a ventilated one. Using thermostatic technology, the SENSOR COMPACTO 2 allows you to select the desired temperature from degree to degree (35 to 60 ° C), which allows savings in gas consumption. It also provides additional energy savings: it only consumes the necessary power, through a modulating fan, unique on the market. The SENSOR COMPACTO 2 has the new Vulcano burner rich-lean that allows to reduce the combustion temperature, reaching the lowest levels of NOx emissions.


  • Low NOx emissions
  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • Digital touch display
  • New differentiating and exclusive design
  • Affordable Wi-Fi connectivity with the installation of an accessory
  • Burner with “Rich-Lean” technology
  • Automatic water flow valve
  • High modulation of the burner (1: 6)
  • Solar compatible
  • Available in butane / propane and natural gas


It adjusts to each installation specificity (use, size of the house, type of exhaust and desired economy) and comfort level (such as: hot water, abundant and available quickly, with temperature and flow stability).

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