We’re living uncertain times… not knowing what tomorrow will bring. We are only sure about the desire to quickly overcome this crisis, so we can get back to our normal lives without limitations or constraints. Hopefully everything will be fine soon.

In this context of the International Public Health Emergency of COVID-19, and with the development of the global epidemiological situation, the Portal of Sustainable Construction was also forced to cancel or postpone (depending on the cases, until a substantial improvement in the situation) their face-to-face activities aimed at the public, whose organization is not only, but also, their responsibility. We believe this decision will contribute to the global effort necessary to contain the spread of the virus.

We’re not shutting down though… and we come with a plan!

That way, we created a small communication plan in order to disclose more information about sustainable construction and reinforcing our digital channels, as well as those of our business partners. Among other online activities, here what we’re about to change and set available for you:

  • our app MyEcobuild with more products, translated into english and spanish;
  • our newsletter will become monthly;
  • we’re creating an online library with presentations of more sustainable materials and other articles that we consider relevant;
  • a daily disclosure of 2 eco-products;
  • reinforcement in the dissemination of information on our social networks, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin;
  • and our “Circular Thursdays” continue!

With this plan, the PSC’s main objective is to compensate our esteemed users of deprivation to which they were forced, for reasons beyond our control. Certain that we are together in this difficult phase and that we will keep together for a more sustainable future, we continue to see each other online!

In solidarity,

by Portal of Sustainable Construction


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