The Elysium system allows the requalification of existing buildings and the creation of new surroundings. It was specifically developed to accommodate the installation of photovoltaic systems, maintaining all its characteristics. It is important to consider the impact that the choice of a vertical and / or horizontal coating can have in terms of energy savings and eco investments by companies. This constructive system allows the placement of thermal insulation, contributing to a better thermal performance of buildings, minimizing energy consumption. The Elysium system of metal trays made of steel or aluminum, fully recyclable materials, is environmentally friendly thanks to its three “Rs”: RECOVER, RECYCLE AND REUSE!


Elysium is a versatile and easy to install system. The locking system was developed to close and join the trays without the need for specific equipment, so there is no need to drill and install support clips. This system is available in different metals and colors.


Elysium metal trays can be applied to roofs with reduced slopes (3 to 0.5%) and to facades, in rehabilitation or new construction. Elysium is a versatile and easy to install system. It’s available in different metals and colors, in order to provide a high level of customization, allowing to identify the most appropriate solution for the different types of industrial, commercial and / or residential buildings.

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