• 15:00 | Welcome
    Luis Miguel Ribeiro,AEP President
    Manuel Humberto João, Regional Secretary forFisheries and Sea
  • 15:20 | Opening session
    Nieta da Ponte Rocha, Circular Blue Paulo Mendonça, University of Minho Miguel Carvalho, University of Minho
  • 15:40 | Plastic is a growing problem for the remote islands of the Atlantic.
    ChristopherK. Pham, Auxiliary Researcher, Okeanos, University of the Azores
  • 16:00 |EcoDesign and Biodigital Printing
    Alberto Estévez, Universitat Internacionalde Catalunya
  • 16:20 | EcoDesign in Circular Seas Project Geoffrey Mitchell, CDRSP (IP Leiria)
  • 16:40 | IMAGINE – from waste toluxury Mónica Faria, School of Architecture, Art and Design at the University of Minho
  • 17:00 | EcoDesign in Textile Architecture Carol Monticelli, Politécnico de Milano
  • 17:20 | Networking Coffee
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