Dry Ridge is a sustainable construction solution that combines several elements and aims at the efficiency of the construction process and the good future performance of buildings, since it promotes energy efficiency and durability. This product is manufactured using complex patented energy efficiency and analysis processes. The Dryroll band, when applied, optimizes the energy resources of the house, allowing ventilation between tile and support, avoiding condensation in this space.


Premium band for ventilation and protection of ridges and corners. Mouldable to any tile. Composed of water-resistant polypropylene in the central area, with double ventilation channel and sides of mouldable and deformable plasticized aluminum up to 50%. Ventilation capacity> 150cm² / ml. Made with patented ventilation technology.


It is applied during the ridge and corner construction process. It is mouldable to any type of tile and promotes dry construction. Totally watertight, ventilated, and efficient in its performance, with the remaining elements of the construction. Clean, quick, and easy installation.

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