Rocksol 525

Rigid uncoated rockwool panel. Provides energy savings through thermal insulation and contributes to greater thermal and acoustic comfort. 100% recyclable...


The Elysium system allows the requalification of existing buildings and the creation of new surroundings. It was specifically developed to accommodate the installation of photovoltaic systems, [...]

Max Exterior Panels | Fundermax

Max Exterior panels are produced from natural fibers, which represent approximately 65% of the total weight. Mainly from processed wood to be converted into “craft paper”...


As thermal and acoustic insulation, this wool improves the quality, safety and comfort of buildings in roofs, floors, false ceilings, partitions, interior and / or exterior walls, among [...]


FIBROLITE has a highly specialized team in the disassembly of asbestos roofs, with our services undergoing a prior analysis by a technician at the construction site...