Wicanders is a brand of Amorim Revestimentos, a business unit of the portuguese Grupo Amorim and a world reference in selected cork products.

Reflection of a highly sustainable development, the Grupo Amorim has developed a unique process, adapted to the rhythms of nature. The first extraction of cork occurs only 25 years after planting the cork oaks, a process repeated cyclically every nine years, always without causing any damage to the tree, which allows the oak forests to fulfill their role in the fixation of CO2, contributing actively to reduce global warming.

The regular extraction of cork also contributes decisively to sustainability: environmental (preserving biodiversity and preventing desertification), social (population settlement and creation of employment) and economic. Deep knowledge and respect for nature, continuous investment in technological innovation and highly specialized staff have ensured its leading position worldwide. State-of-the-art technology, know-how, creativity and audacity combine into an avant-garde approach inspired by the values of nature. Wicanders coverings are the ideal component for a more sustainable construction.





Rua do Ribeirinho, nº 202 – Apartado 13

4536 – 907 | S. Paio Oleiros


☎️ : +351 227 475 600

? : +351 227 475 601

? : wicanders.ar@amorim.com

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