Product of high quality, resistant and of unique look, ALUCOBOND® stands for quality in sustainable construction and with the highest creative standards. The façade material is distinguished by its excellent features such as flatness, versatility of surfaces and colors, as well as its malleability.

Alucobond® for ventilated façades combines the efficient construction features in terms of energy, economic viability and architectural quality. The construction technique of ventilated façades is suitable for structural façades in old and new buildings, as well roof constructions and interior applications.

To assess the sustainability of a building is needed comprehensive information about the used products. EPD’s (Environmental Product Declarations) have been developed in order to provide this information in a clear format to architects and specialized planners. The EPD’s provide the basis for certifying the sustainability of buildings. The evaluation encompasses the entire product life cycle, ie, several environmental data are processed, such as the “use of primary energy”, “water consumption”, “emissions of greenhouse gases”, etc.

The EPD for Alucobond® composite panels is available for download here.

Check here the Alucobond ecoproducts




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