MOSO® products offer clear sustainability advantages at each stage and are CO2 neutral throughout all the life cycle. Produced from giant bamboo with extremely fast and sustained growth, “Moso” is known for its CO2 absorption capacity and O2 production. Due to their hardness and density, they can be alternatives to tropical woods in projects exposed to greater wear. Non-toxic and natural, can be reused in similar applications or as a raw material in the pellet industry.


MOSO® floors are characterized by being products with low dimensional variation, extremely hard, mechanically resistant and with excellent environmental performance. Their density varies between 700 and 1050 kg/m3, has a low percentage of expansion and high hardness. They have high Brinell hardness, emission of formaldehydes Class E1, reaction to fire Bfl-s1 and classification A and A+ for VOC emissions, with a guarantee of up to 30 years.


MOSO® floors are intended for domestic, commercial or even industrial applications. The varied range of floors allows applications glued to the ground, floating glued or with a clip with floors that already come pre-finished or to sand and varnish on site. Moso’s great versatility means that new products are developed every day, adapted to increasingly demanding and unique projects.




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