Following its commitment to sustainability, Placo’s 4PRO® ACTIV’AIR® is 100% recyclable, an important factor in sustainable construction and increasingly relevant to the requirements and standards of an activity that aims to reduce its environmental impact. It contributes points towards the increasingly required LEED, BREAM and Verde certifications.


The new 4PRO® ACTIV’AIR® joins the 4PRO® differentiating plate with the unique and patented ACTIV`AIR® technology by Saint-Gobain. This technology works to purify the air, transforming contaminating agents from the interior atmosphere, such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and formaldehydes into compounds that are not harmful to health.


It is a solution that provides the simplest of suspended ceilings with a perfect finish caused by the four edges, tuned with the air purification resulting from the ACTIV’AIR® technology.

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