VOLCALIS | Natural mineral insulation

Volcalis – Isolamentos minerais, S.A. is a company of the Preceram Group dedicated to the production of mineral wool through an absolutely unique and innovative production process in [...]

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Portuguese.

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Portuguese.


SUSTAINABILITY Among the solutions for façades currently on the market, the ventilated façade is the one with the greatest energy efficiency and acoustic comfort when incorporating mineral wool [...]

ThermoWood® Liner

Thermowood® liner is produced with Nordic pine wood, subject to intense thermal treatment (Thermo D) of heat and water vapour, thus improving its performance regarding insulation...

Baubuche GL75 Beams

BauBuche GL75 is a beech beam composed of Baubuche S venner boards bonded in parallel. Baubuche beams are made of raw material coming from sustainable forests...

BWTT60 System

The BWTT60 system allows the manufacture of tilt and turn windows, fixed panels and doors. Supporting up to 130 kg of weight per sheet...

BWSL45 System

The BWSL45 system allows to manufacture sliding windows and doors. Supporting up to 250 kg of weight per sheet, this system allows to make...