Wilo’s water pumping solutions enable not only environmental heating but also allow the reduction of year-round energy consumption when compared to standard unregulated pumping systems. By installing a high-performance pump, a family of four can significantly reduce their energy bill.

Wilo is committed to an innovative speed fluctuation technology that significantly increases pump life and capacity by adapting its performance to the real needs of buildings.


Water heating in all types of systems with an Index of Energy Efficiency (IEE) ≤ 0.20, including air conditioning and industrial circulation systems. The use and management of water and drainage pumps is simple and automated thanks to modern electronic devices of German technology. Wilo has recently won a number of international awards for the design, performance and low energy consumption of its pumps.


Hot water heating of all systems like air conditioning, closed cooling circuits and industrial circulation systems. It should be pointed out that Wilo is the only company in the world that manufactures immersed impeller pumps that can be appplied in cold water and pressurization systems making them quieter and more efficient.






Bombas Wilo-Salmson Portugal, Lda.
Estrada da Paiã – Paiã Park, A2.9
1675-078 Pontinha


Bruno Oliveira | Commercial director

Telephone | +351 219 310 420
Fax | +351 21 934 85 16
Mobile | +351 93 879 75 76



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