Founded in 1959, UMBELINO MONTEIRO (UM) is a Portuguese company from the country’s central region which currently belongs to one of the biggest consortiums in the construction industry, the ETEX Group from Belgium.

UM is totally committed to sustainable construction and devotes many efforts to the reduction of its environmental impact, polution and eco-efficient management of resources. UM develops roofing solutions for sustainable constructions enabling significant savings in buildings. Its products and construction solutions may be observed in notorious buildings such as the Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon or the Pena Palace in Sintra.

UM produces tiles and ceramic accessories for roofs. The tiles are produced in an ample assortment of natural colours, mediterranean tones and glazed finishes. UMBELINO MONTEIRO’s portfolio displays a number of products aimed at both the preservation of historical buildings as well as the development of innovative designs.

From 2010 onward UM has also been providing fibrocement plates free from any asbestos as well as any other any other contaminants. UM’s plates are made from cement to ensure resistance to compression, cellulose, synthetic fibers and amorfous silica to provide dimensional stability.

There are many roofing solutions:

  • UM-Renovar Solution – ideal for the rehabilitation of roofs. When associated to adequate construction it becomes a valuable source of value and well-being.
  • Ceramic Tiles – available in the Advance Premium Lusa, Advance Premium Marseille, UM Canudo and UM Lusa series. They are produced by means of criterious selection, eco-efficient management of clays and a sofisticated production process. These procedures ensure the products consistency, stability and resistance. The ample choice of colours and finishes ensures the perfect resolution in renovations.
  • Fibrocement plates – free of asbestos or any other contaminant, UM’s fibrocement plates are made from organic materials using Etex’s technology. When combined with UM ceramic tiles they enable the dweling’s thermal balance as well as providing a second cover capable of reinforcing the roof’s waterproofing and stability.
  • SOLESIA – SOLESIA’s solar tiles are photovoltaic units made to blend in with Advance Lusa tiles. It is simple, fast and easy to instal and does away with the need for special tools and accessories. The solar tiles blend into the roofs they are used in, thus becoming an integral part of that ordinary roof.





Rua do Areeiro

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