Construction Materials Companies: Consultancy services to advise PSC partners on sustainable practices and technical solutions for their products. We constantly provide reliable updated information on these companies’ services and products and prepare them to obtain the Sustainable Value® Certification.

Municipalities and Architectural offices: Consultancy services to provide sustainable construction information and advice for designers who seek more energy efficient and sustainable technical solutions for their projects. Assistance in choosing and prescribing environmentally friendly materials and equipments in their project specifications.

Training and Education:

PSC relies on a database of certified educators on a variety of subjects to provide training courses for construction industry students and professionals. Some of the courses we provide are: lightweight structures; sustainable rehabilitation of buildings; natural engineering; ecoproducts for construction; sustainable technical detailing; bioclimatic architecture; technical English for architects; 3D modelling freeware; green BIM; etc.


PSC is associated with the ecoTECTURA practice in order to provide customized sustainable solutions for buildings and urban areas. We seek to provide a healthy built environment with low environmental impact and high energy efficiency. All ecoTECTURA projects are awarded with either A or A+ energy and inner air quality certification in accordance with directive 2002/91/CE of the European Council and Parliament.

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